Exceptional Training

Africa Cosmos is committed to the highest standards in training for security, cash-in-transit and cash processing professionals. We have a footprint across South Africa, in 27 training centres as well as a presence in Lesotho and Namibia.

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Africa Cosmos provides skills development, consulting, projects and training services through its operating companies Africa Cosmos Consulting & Training Services (Pty) Ltd, Africa Cosmos Empowerment (Pty) Ltd and Africa Cosmos Security Academy (Pty) Ltd.


Department of Labour

Industry Experience

We employ only the best subject matter experts and trainers to design, facilitate and deliver training on cash handling, cash processing, cash quality management, security, cash-in-transit, tactical and ATMs that meet legislative and regulatory standards. We aim to develop well rounded skills by incorporating soft skills to complement technical and tactical staff abilities.

We have a comprehensive structure to ensure that we work with you to identify your training and development needs, offering not only practical or compliance related training but management and leadership training at the organisational level you need.

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