Industry Specific Training and Short Courses

Regulatory Training

Name Duration
Regulation 21
The Regulation 21 (Reg 21) stipulates that individuals working with a company firearm and already possess the qualification to use any firearm for business purpose, must undergo an annual assessment.
1 day
Occupational Health & Safety
Safety, health and environmental representative (SHE Rep)
To provide appointed Safety, health and environmental Representatives with an overview of the O.H.S Act. Includes duties and responsibilities of employers and their employees.
1 day
First Aid Level 1
The course equips candidates with the basic principles of assessing an emergency situation, contacting the emergency services as quickly as possible and while awaiting their arrival, candidates will be able to perform basic skills required to sustain a life.
2 days
Occupational Health & Safety
Fire fighting (fire marshal)
To be capable of identifying, containing, preventing and extinguishing different types of fires by operating basic firefighting equipment.
1 day
Emergency preparedness (Evacuation Officer)
The course is aimed to enable learners to distinguish between an emergency and an incident as well as understanding the different types of emergencies that may take place in the workplace. The learners will be able to explain the types of emergency alarms in the workplace, the procedures for responding to them and the methods and procedures, which need to be applied in an assembly area after an alarm.
1 day

Tactical Training

Name Duration
Special Tactical Training
The aim of this training intervention is to equip the Protection officer with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate in the Cash in Transit environment on a tactical level.
3 days
Tactical Support Training
Equip the learner to become part of a Tactical Support Unit.
4.5 weeks

Cash in Transit

Name Duration
Cash in Transit for Protection Officers (CITPO)
Equip learners with knowledge, skills and attitude to fulfil the role of a Cash in Transit Protection Officer.
7 weeks

PSIRA Training

Name Duration
PSIRA grade E
This training course is professionally introducing new training officers in the Private Security Industry. The course also advises what is expected of the new training officers with regards to upholding the law.

This training course is set to train security officers on how to conduct Access Control at the egress point. The course also covers the 3 “D” principles of physical security works in conjunction with security officers.

This training course ensures that security officers with a Grade C certification are able to protect classified information to civilians. The course also advises how to conduct themselves in emergency situations, assess risk and how to handle it professionally.

This training course is designed to improve the level of supervision to advanced. The course also equips security officers with the knowledge of supervision and how to contact on-job training.

This training course teaches security officers how to manage a site and how to gather evidence and information during incidents on-site. The course also expresses the importance of interaction on-site and the benefit of it, when implemented professionally.

5 days (per grade)

Driver Training

Name Duration
CIT driver training
The Full Driver Training Programme aims to improve driving skills and driver attitudes, to increase knowledge and understanding of adhering to road safety. The course will prepare the learner to react in the best possible way when faced with unexpected situations, and to become more aware of other road users.
4 days
Advanced driver training
Course outcomes:

  • Vehicle inspection, limitations and dynamics
  • Driver attitudes and responsibility
  • Defensive driving principles
  • Advanced driving principles
  • Emergency manoeuvres
5 days

Other Training

Name Duration
High-Jack Awareness
The aim of this training intervention is to equip the learner with the necessary knowledge regarding car hijacking and prevention guidelines thereof.
2 hours
Human Rights and use of minimum force
The aim of this training intervention is to equip the learner with the necessary knowledge regarding Human Rights and the use of minimum force when confronted with risky situations like riots.
4 hours
ATM Custodian Training
Equip the learner to become an ATM Custodian. On completion of this programme the learner will be able to load and unload an ATM, conduct basic fault finding and repairing thereof. Understand and apply all the procedures around ATM operations
5 days
Mental Resilience
Mental Resilience provides insight into the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress. This programme raises awareness with regards to the effects of stress and how to use it positively. It also equips the learner with tips and tools to build resilience from their own experiences.
4 hours
Public Interaction
Provide the learner with an overview of how to effectively interact with the Public also whilst in high-risk situations.
4 hours
Security Awareness
The aim of this training intervention is to equip the learner with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate in a security environment and equip the learner with the necessary knowledge regarding observation.
4 hours
In Service Shoot
To equip learners with knowledge and skill regarding current modus operandi, do’s and don’ts, Accidental Discharge’s, and deployment whilst with firearms.
1 day
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